Indiana High School Basketball Photo Album 1912-1950, Total of 47 Photos

Vintage Indy Sports


A fantastic photo album that provides 47 photos that follow one man and his journey as a basketball and baseball coach on the high school and jr. high levels in Indiana.  It also shows him at Elmdale Grade School in 1912-13, at Waynestown High School in 1914 thru 1917.  Follows his career along stops starting at Gaston High School in 1921-22 as his first basketball coaching job.  Then to Royerton High School in 1926-27, Coach of Selma High School Baseball starting with the 1930-31 season, Selma High School Basketball coach starting in 1931-32, Muncie McKinley Jr. High Basketball and baseball coach thru the 1949-50 seasons.  McKinley was the feeder school for Muncie Central High School that was a basketball powerhouse during this era winning state championships in 1951, 1952 and were on the losing end of the Milan Miracle.  There is a good chance several of the players on those teams are pictured in the McKinley Junior High Photos from the late 40's.  A fantastic album that would make a great addition to any collection.