Autographed ABA Money Ball from 50th Reunion, 51 signatures

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Autographed ABA Money Ball with 51 signatures from former ABA Basketball Players.  The autographs were obtained earlier in 2018 at the ABA 50th Anniversary Reunion here in Indianapolis.  This ball is unique in that is one of the Money Balls that were produced several years ago.  The players that have signed include: Will Allen, Art Becker, Rick Barry, ML Carr, Mack Calvin, Dan Issel, Louie Dampier, Mike Gale, Rick Barnett, Charlie Edge, Nick Vacendak, Billy Keller, Mel Bennett, Frank Card, Lloyd Batts, David Craig, Steve Green, Callis Jones, Will Jones, Willie Long, Randy McHaffey, Maurice Hartley, Pat McFarland, Bob Netolicky, Swen Nater, Dave Robisch, Arvesta Kelly, Hank Whitney, Sam Smith, Thom Bowens, W. Roger Brown, Wayne Chapman, Oliver Darden, Randy Deaton, Mike Flynn, Bobby Roscoe, Grant Simmons, Al Smith, Dan Sparks, Ollie Taylor, Jim Eakins, Darnell Hillman, Steve Johnson, Lou for Stan Albeck, Larry Jones, Lee Davis, Claude Terry, Tinsley, & Joe Hamilton.