1996-97 Indianapolis Colts Team Autographed Game Used Football Helmet

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1996-97 Indianapolis Colts game used football helmet.  The helmet shows good use, an outline of the number of player that wore is slightly visible, the last number was 1, not sure what first number was.  The helmet was signed by 31 members of the team, those that have been identified are: Jim Harbaugh, Marshall Faulk, Chris Gardocki, Trev Alberts, Eugene Daniel, Bradford Banta, Tony Bennett, Damon Watts, Kerwin Bell, Mark Stock, Paul Justin, Troy Auzene, Derek West, Doug Widdell, Jason Mathews, Clif Groce, Sammie Burroughs, Ken Dilger, Cary Blanchard, Tony Mc Coy, Lamont Warren, David Tate, Tony Mandarich, Steve Grant, Brian Stabelin, Ray Mc Elroy, Derek Frazier, Eric Mahlum.  A great item of this classic Colts team.